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The Real Bitches of Livejournal
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Membership is strictly moderated due to the rabid increase of spambots and to keep out trolls. If you are not a member of ohnotheydidnt, have a new account, or have little account activity (no friends, no comments, no updates) you will probably be rejected unless you comment here after applying.

This is a non-srs bsns Real Housewives/Reality TV discussion Community Rules:

1. No personal attacks

2. All NSFW images must be posted under a cut

3. No freezing comments. Additionally, deleting comments other than your own is not allowed.

4. No attacking Kenya Moore, Christith of Atlanta. That counts as a personal attack.

5. No stanning Brandi Glanville

6. Do not show us your coochie crack

7. On the first Sunday of every month, we mourn the loss of isntdaveone, who died so we could live.

This is a spin-off of ohnotheydidnt, so don't expect unicorns and sunshine everywhere. The sensitive folk are not welcome.

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